• WL2000 President

    WL2000 President The President lectern is the ideal lectern if you are looking for the more conventional wooden style lectern.

    It is available in European Beech or black laminate and comes with two adjustable shelves.

    Optional cable management available as well as the microphone and light components, and lockable door.

    This lectern comes fully assembled so you will need to allow extra for shipping.  

    The WL2000 model has no microphone or light sockets and the WL2000ML has a single microphone and light socket.  

    • Heavy Duty Castors
    • Lockable Door
    • Keyboard Drawer
    • Light
    • Microphone
    • Logo
    • Wireless Microphone
    • Portable PA

    WL2000 President with dimensions Dimensions for the WL2000 President
    Height front: 1150mm
    Height back: 988mm
    Depth: 540mm
    Width: 622mm
    Top reading shelf: 590 x 430mm
    Internal Shelves: 590 x 300mm
    Bottom Shelf: 590 x 450mm