• ST15 Charging Storage Locker


    The Indota ST15 storage locker is designed to individually store, charge and secure Chromebooks, Tablets, Laptops, iPad devices or any other electronic device.  The bring your own device (BOYD) charging storage locker is versatile and delivers a one-to-one storage and charging solution.


    Safe and Secure:  Individual lockable cells are designed to store and secure valuable mobile electronic devices.  Each cell can be individually locked with a key or is also available with a key card locking system.

    Secure Charging:  Create a secure charging facility in just about any environment.  Perfect setup for schools, universities, convention centres or anywhere electronic devices are used.

    Charge almost any device:  Each compartment is fully equipped with a mains power supply outlet as well as two USB charging ports.

    Completely Expandable:  The Indota ST15 storage locker is expandable for your individual needs.  You can have anywhere from 8-50 bays.


    Dimension (10 Bay)   42(W) x 45(D) x 120(H) 
    Device Capacity 8-50 Bays
    Charging Device Ipad, Chromebook, laptop, mobile phone or any mobile electronic device
    Frame Material Robust metal frame for strength security & durability
    Locking Device Individual key locks as standard or available with Key Card Locking System as an option
    Power Supply Each cell has one power socket and 2 USB charging ports
    Internal Shelf Dimension 34(W) x 10(H) x 42(D)
    Cooling Fan Optional
    Colour White and Black