• GM1 Gooseneck Microphone

    GM1 Phantom Gooseneck Microphone Electret Condenser Cardioid Mini-gooseneck Microphone
    Superior low noise, electret condenser cardioid mini-gooseneck microphone. It has wide, flat frequency response which provides unsurpassed, natural, transparent sound quality. Warm sound when used close to the sound source. Its cardioid pickup pattern minimizes annoying feedback when used close to sound reinforcement speakers and monitors, while reducing the pickup of unwanted off axis sounds.


    Frequency response: 50-16000Hz
    Sensitivity: -39dBv/pa
    Nominal impedance: 200 ?
    Equivalent noise level: <30dB
    Dynamic range: 97dB
    Max. SPL 127dB
    Current consumption: 3mA (Red LED light when in action)
    Length: 600mm
    Weight: 165g

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