• ACT707SE Wireless Receiver

    ACT707SE Wireless Receiver ACT707SE Wireless Receiver
    Key Features

  • ACT-707SE is a half-rack receiver in a compact metal casing.

  • Bright and easy-to-read LED display shows numeric channel and RF/AF strengths.

  • Innovative "Noise" indicator indicates if the receiver is experiencing interference.

  • Press the 'SCAN' button and the receiver will auto-scan and lock on to an open, interference-free frequency. Then press the 'ACT' button to automatically upload the receiver frequency to the transmitter.

  • Output level and dynamic range are accurately pre-adjusted to equal the microphone capsule's sensitivity, thus ensuring optimal performance of the system.
  • Specifications

  • Main Frame Size: EIA standard 1/2-rack unit

  • Channels: Single-channel

  • Main Frame Construction: Metal frame, plastic panel

  • Receiver Module: Fixed

  • Display Status: LED indicator displays channel and RF/AF metering.

  • Carrier Frequency Range: UHF 620~950MHz

  • Bandwidth: 24MHz

  • Frequency Interval: 125KHz

  • Switchable Frequencies: 193

  • Preset Frequencies: Preset 16 interference free frequencies

  • Operation Mode: Manual operation

  • Frequency Response: 50Hz~18KHz¡Ó3dB, with high-pass filter

  • Dimension: 210(W) x 44(H) x 206(D) mm

  • Weight 0.9 kg / 2.0 lbs.
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