• 5000 Series Wirelss Microphone

    5000 Series Wireless Microphone System 5000 Series Wireless Microphone System
    The new 5000 series systems are designed with the price conscious customer in mind yet all the while they offer reliable and clean performance.

    With a user selectable frequency set of 16 UHF channels and antenna diversity operation the 5000 series is an excellent choice for stage performers, demonstrators and instructors, paging and many more. The simple menu driven software allows users to monitor transmitter battery status, program user names and more.

    Features Include:

    - 16 channel programmable UHF frequencies
    - LCD menu driven display
    - Low level battery indicator for transmitter
    on receiver front panel
    - Antenna diversity operation

    A choice of optional identifying colour
    tips are available.
    Black (Standard), Red, Yellow and Blue

    SDR5000Q – Handheld system package
    SDR5000M – Lapel system package
    SDR5000G – Guitar system package
    SDR5000H – Headworn mic system package
    Download: 5000 Series Wireless Microphone System