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Integrate your Ipad into your Lectern

christopher parks - Friday, July 22, 2016

Are you searching for a convenient yet secure way to utilize your Ipad to integrate touchscreen technology into your presentation? We now have an integration kit for mounting an Ipad into new and existing lecterns.  This opens up a new era in presentations from the lectern such as speech prompt, chairman timers, audio visual control systems as well as immediate audience response.

Integrating the Ipad and mounting it onto the lectern will make sure that your lecture is delivered with ease and all your information is available at your fingertips. With a variety of presentation software apps available this will allow you to create an interactive display from the lectern.

The Ipad is secure with a locking system in place and is easily removed when required.

We can install the integration kit into a range of our lecterns for both new and existing customers.  Complete installation is competitively priced leaving you with nothing more to do than install your Ipad and appropriate apps.  

Contact us for details on pricing on a new lectern with the Ipad integration kit or if you already have a lectern and would like to upgrade and refurbish your existing lectern and include the Ipad integration kit.


Aluminium surround available in white or black.

Ipad securely locked.

Easily remove the Ipad when needed.

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